Upstairs Bathroom Renovation (Part 12)

The bathroom is making forward progress again. Today they came and installed the vanity counter top and the under-mount sinks.

They’re pretty efficient – the whole thing was done in well under an hour. Overall the bathroom is coming together quite nicely. I have to admit that it would have been nice to put in a real marble top as you can definitely tell that this is synthetic from the faux grain (closer look below) but this is one of those times that function has to trump form. Real white marble would have had a tough time living with three teenage girls and their assortment of makeup and such (I’m only assuming, that’s not actually an issue yet at all).  I’ve heard a bunch of horror stories about how easily it stains.

For those interested, the sink basins are Kohler Caxtons in white – pretty standard stuff but work really well for what we needed.

The tile should be finishing up either tomorrow or the day after and then plumber and electrician the following couple of days with a target completion of the end of the week.

People interested in seeing the full renovation process as tracked in this blog should start here.

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