Upstairs Bathroom Renovation (Part 11)

Well, it turns out that we didn’t have to wait as long as expected to see changes in the bathroom.

The tile folks were back again to finish up the tiling in the bathtub alcove including the niche on the back wall of the shower. The two marble shelves are now in place and things are looking great!

Even a good chunk of the final wall been completed now though the final bit – a couple of rows of tile and the chair rail – will have to wait until the counter top is in place. Then there is only the grout to go and the tile will be complete.

On another positive note, we have a date for the counter top as well. The counter folks will be in one week from today to install it. Almost complete!

People interested in seeing the full renovation process as tracked in this blog should start here.

The next entry for the renovation can be found here.

3 Replies to “Upstairs Bathroom Renovation (Part 11)”

  1. Love watching the bathroom renovation progress! The girls are going to love the new room! It’s gorgeous and love all of I! Great job.

    1. Thanks! Completion date is set for a week from today – can’t wait. In addition to having a new bathroom for the girls and guests, it will be nice to get our own bathroom back again 🙂

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