Upstairs Bathroom Renovation (Part 3)

Last evening was ceiling painting time. While painting still provides some of the most instant gratification, doing the ceiling is the least fun for me – always the spectre of drips of paint in your hair and such. I got away with a single drop on my shirt so I’ll mark that as success.

For those interested, I used a Zinsser satin white anti-mildew ceiling paint. It came out really nicely though I’m not sure you can really tell from the picture. The satin is quite a bit more reflective than the matte that I usually use on ceilings but the guys did a great job on the drywall and there are really no imperfections to hide so all is good. When I first rolled it on, I nearly had a heart attack as it looked super high gloss but once it dried, the lovely satin sheen that remained settled me back down.

Still haven’t decided on the wall colour yet though we are getting close. Ivory is out as anything too yellow seems to muddy up the appearance of the vanity top (now have a sample to compare against). Feels like we are going to end up with an off white in the cool grey range but which one, of the apparently hundreds that are available, is still undecided. Who knew there could be so many different whites!

People interested in seeing the full renovation process as tracked in this blog should start here.

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